Christian Education

Christian Education


The philosophy underpinning the role of Christian Education in the Church today is one of vital importance in the training, development, and maturation of the believer regarding their position in Christ, the role of the Church in this maturation process, and the individual means of spiritual growth available to the follower of Christ.  In the education process, we must realize our total dependence upon the work of the Triune God in all our endeavors.  The Father teaches (John 6:45), the Son is the source of all knowledge (Colossians 2:3), and the Spirit teaches and brings to remembrance the things of God (Psalms 143:10, John 14:26).
The training, development, and maturation of the Christian can be seen in total as the purpose and means of discipleship.  With training, the believer is given the foundation upon which everything else naturally follows.  In development, the place of the believer in the Body of Christ is solidified in their understanding along with a further and deeper appreciation of the Scriptures.  With maturation comes a fuller but not yet consummated understanding of being conformed to Christ and the imperative of living a life worthy of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27).  These three things are neither mutually exclusive nor do they necessarily occur in a linear pattern in the life of the Christian.

Why Educate

Why disciple?  Why go about teaching and preaching the things of God when one could simply be secure in a childlike faith?  While all those who come to Christ in total dependence upon Him for their salvation are secure and all their spiritual needs have been provided for (2 Peter 1:3) we are commanded to make disciples and teach those under us in the Lord.  The Great Commission is a command of the Lord that uses the means of “going” to reach and teach all the world the things of Christ.  Jesus said in Acts chapter 1 that the process of witnessing would begin in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and then to the uttermost parts of the earth.  This Commission has not lapsed or been overturned and it is the duty of the Church to continue today.  Just as the disciples went out from where they were proclaiming the good news, so to should we go into the highways and hedges compelling the lost to come and the saved to grow in their faith.

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