Living with a Dirty House

Is your house dirty?

As I was pondering the mysteries of life this week ( not!! ) I felt it would be prudent to interrupt my regularly scheduled day of leisure for something that has been weighing on me. It really is a simple matter but with consequences for everyone involved. I do not know how I have lived this long without dealing with this issue more thoroughly. How clean is my house? I mean really. Or better yet, how dirty is it?  When was the last time the furniture was moved, the baseboards scrubbed, the ceiling fan spotless ( don’t ask ), and all the beds made?
If you have kids like we do you know that they are little dirt magnets ( 3 boys ) and self-contained demolition crews. They can enter a room and in 2.5 seconds have everything overturned and dismantled. They are truly little whirlwinds that blow in, blow up, and blow out leaving destruction and mayhem behind them ( well not quite that bad ). Between them and myself my poor beleaguered wife ( the fabulous Mindy Kay ) can barely keep up.

When someone calls and says they plan on stopping over do the sirens blare and the vacuum rev in an effort to minimize the embarrassment of an untidy house? Do you, like many of us, attempt to ward off the unexpected visitor with all manner of guile until ample time has been given to straighten, clean, and polish? Do things get shoved into closets, under beds, or ( gasp! ) actually cleaned to give the appearance of order and decorum: After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness isn’t it? ( 1 Martha Stewart 2:12 )

Are our temporal houses microcosms of what is occurring in our spiritual lives? Do we put on airs while among the saints but retain clutter and filth ( unconfessed sin ) in our souls? Do we fake it around particular people in certain places to appear righteous despite the sins that are swept into the back rooms so no one can see them? Hypocrisy is a blight and worthy of the harshest condemnation as evidenced by our Lord’s dealings with the Pharisees. Outwardly their cups were clean but inside they were full of lies, hate, and corruption and were castigated for their pretense.

We, as believers, need to do better. Hiding sin neither honors our Lord nor provides a firm foundation for lasting friendships. If the foundation is rotten the whole structure is also unsound and will come crashing down around us. Be sure your sin will find you out because dirt under the rug is not removed only hidden and will only migrate to other more noticeable parts. Confession, daily repentance, prayer, and study are among the things that will reveal our true nature to us and lead to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

Do you have unconfessed sin? Are you a believer in God through Jesus Christ and the redemption found at the Cross? If not then today is the day of salvation for the Lord commands all sinners everywhere to repent and turn towards Him. Think about it.


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