The Differences are unbridgeable 

The differences between the two sides are definitely unbridgeable.  While evangelizing the world and making disciples are part and parcel with the Christian Church as a body, there is to be no compromise with the depraved sexual immorality of the world.  We as the church neither do the sinner any favors nor do we strengthen the Body by capitulating to the demands of those decrying our stand upon Scriptural ethics and morals.  As the gulf widens the differences are definitely unbridgeable.


A highlight of this epilogue includes my acknowledgment that common “evangelical” modes of reading scripture and undertaking moral discernment will never lead to a fully inclusive posture toward LGBTQ persons. But I then go on to make the case for why I believe those common evangelical modes are inadequate ways both of reading scripture and discerning moral truth.-Gushee

While Mr. Gushee is celebrating his departure from evangelicalism, we cannot help but memoan the actual harm he and others are doing to the culture by promoting the sinful proclivities of American Society.

These modes of reading scripture are not only rightly called “evangelical” but they are, at least in this instance, the right means of interpreting the scriptures. To completely jettison two millennia of Christian orthodoxy, not to mention a couple more millennia of Hebrew/Israelite understanding of sexuality accompanied by the very mandate of God in creating the sexes, is the folly of those who have professed wisdom but have become fools.

There is no proper hermeneutic of interpreting scripture that entails the endorsement of and acceptance by the Church of homosexuality. It is merely the darkened mind of those doing what “is right in their own eyes” or who approve of such immorality that engage in the perverse practice of scripture twisting.


Source: Telling the story of my departure from American evangelicalism